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Resilient Planet Data Hub announced at COP28

Building open data for a more resilient planet.

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Resilient Planet Data Hub

RPDH announced by Michel M. Liès and Dr Nicola Ranger in Resilience Hub event also featuring the Resilient Planet Initiative

The Resilient Planet Data Hub, a data service that includes key risk data tools developed by the Global Resilience Index Initiative, has been announced at COP28. The RPDH has been developed to fix the information gap in the face of climate and disaster risks to people, planet and prosperity. The Hub, founded by the Insurance Development Forum, University of Oxford and UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, will contribute towards the Resilient Planet Initiative.

Speaking in the COP28 Resilience Hub, Michel M. Liès (Chairman, Zurich Insurance, and Chair, Insurance Development Forum) said:

"The Insurance Development Forum has been leading the development of pioneering global public goods that leverage both public and private sector capabilities. One of these goods is the Global Resilience Index Initiative (GRII), launched at COP26 in Glasgow, provides reference data on climate and natural hazard risk to inform and protect population and economies, particularly in emerging and developing countries.

This essential information is open and accessible to all now, using shared standards and consistent metrics at local to global scales…with this launch of the Resilience Planet Data Hub, the GRII transitions from a development project to an operational service. What we are seeing today has been the result of two years of close teamwork, particularly in partnership with UNDRR and the University of Oxford.”

Dr Nicola Ranger (Director, Resilient Planet Finance Lab and RPDH leadership team), said:

"The whole idea is to make available best-in-class science on a shared platform, in a consistent, way globally. Wherever you are in the world you can get the information you need about the key risks to me - related to climate and also nature - the key vulnerabilities, and key opportunities for adaptation.”

The new Resilient Planet Data Hub website gives access to the impressive GRI Risk Viewer, the tool built by the Global Resilience Index Initiative led by the IDF, which gives users access to a globally consistent set of impact metrics, using insurance modelling methodologies, under both current and future climate conditions. The informative new website also includes detailed case studies for sovereign governments, financial institutions, investors and regulators.

The Resilient Planet Data Hub includes data contributed by a wide range of technical partners. Using open data approaches, supported by guidance and decision tools, the Hub brings the common language of risk that is needed to mobilise action and finance for resilience at international, local and system levels, for People, Planet and Prosperity.

Read the launch blog here for more on the Hub and its role in enabling data-driven investment in adaptation and nature.

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