Resilient Planet

Accessibility Statement

Our accessibility statement describes our efforts to ensure website accessibility for everyone.


The Resilient Planet Data Hub strives to ensure digital accessibility for everyone.

We invest considerable efforts and use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 Level AA as a guide to ensure that persons with disabilities will be able to use and enjoy our website in an independent and equal manner.

We realise though that all areas of our websites are not yet fully accessible, but we are improving our websites’ accessibility features.

This Accessibility Statement provides our current Accessibility status, and we will update this Statement as our compliance efforts continue.

What we have done

During the design of the website, we consulted with independent Accessibility Consultants who have expertise in the WCAG standards and were able to guide decisions towards ensuring that the site was built in accordances with the guidelines.

As our website is still young, we have not yet conducted a proper accessibility audit to uncover all areas required for improvement. We are conscious of this and strive to ensure the website adheres to the latest guidelines within WCAG 2.2.

Some of our initial accessibility improvements include:

  • Ensuring adequate colour contrast is applied in all instances where pertinent information is displayed
  • Reviewed our Heading structure so that headers are clearly and correctly marked
  • Providing clear and accurate alternative text for images and videos

Some improvements that we are aware of and yet to action:

  • The possibility to pause auto-play videos
  • Improvements to our error messages on the contact form
  • Improvements in our tabbing order
  • Clearer indications of visible focus in some instances
  • Providing full transcripts for videos

How we plan on improving

We strive to make our website as welcoming, usable and rewarding as possible for everyone who visits.

We plan on continuously identifying and documenting any accessibility issues that we find on our website and to prioritise them according to the overall impact they have for our visitors, but also based on the level of effort that is required to address them. Issues that greatly affect the website experience from an accessibility perspective are considered a high priority.

If you encounter any accessibility issues while navigating our site, please contact us at

Be assured that we take your feedback seriously and will consider it as we evaluate ways to accommodate all of our users.

For information about our processing of your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.